Friday, February 22, 2013

Do Tattoos on The Side of Your Foot Hurt?

Do Tattoos on The Side of Your Foot HurtI read a new magazine, my buddy cringed slightly, and woman who seemed to be literally just buying a teeny small cross in same position as us was crying. It is all about how you happen to be and how we tolerate pain. Personally that hurt, but it seemed to be over and I seemed to be fine, my buddy said hers hurt more right after wards. Yes, that hurts, I would say 5 outside of 10. Best thing that you can do is going there knowing it will hurt, be sure to drink a few juice before going, smile and turn away. If you are able to handle multiple tasking you can search the mag trick I did. If you don't think you can just talk to the tattoo artist.Keep in mind that tattoo around the feet usually don't hold up very well.
Do Tattoos on The Side of Your Foot HurtThe lines seem to lose the integrity before other areas on your body. In summertime, you'll need to remember to get sunscreen on the feet (you probably have no idea how tan feet get! ), and in winter season, you'll need to moisturize. Your tattoo only look just like your skin...

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