Monday, March 4, 2013

What Can I Put on My New Tattoo to Help It Heal ??

What Can I Put on My New Tattoo to Help It Heal  To get it to heal fast and right just wash it 1x daily using dial pat dried up and apply lotion only if you need to. Lotion is pertaining to comfort purposes only---I work with it. my last tat seemed to be peeling 2 days when i got it accomplished. dont put compresses onto it it will delay healing and acquire it infected. Have you ever heard a doctor tell u to set lotion on an open wound persons???? No you havent. Only antibiotic ointment which you are not supposed to use with a tattoo, unless you want to draw the ink out. common sense folks. Moisture makes it possible for bacteria growth. Guess no-one has ever heard that particular either, not even the nursing university student down there. Go ahead keep it damp, and when you awaken with your clothing stuck to it, pull the garments off it as well as half your tattoo goes with it, and leaves a nasty scar, then Perhaps youll know Internet marketing right-and no this doesnt afflict every tattoo, nevertheless it does happen.

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