Monday, March 4, 2013

Can I Put Lubriderm on My New Tattoo ??

Can I Put Lubriderm on My New Tattoo   Lubridurm is fine but I would switch to a fragrance free version for the first week or so. Although many will say the best ointment is such and such. THERE IS NO BEST OINTMENT FOR TATTOO AFTER CARE. If there was don't you think everyone would use it. I am so tired of hearing these folk on here with a tattoo or two this or that is the best. It all depends on your body, your type of skin, how oily your skin is, the current temperature out side. There a lot of things that can play a part in you tattoo after care. Although I am a bit suprised that your artist suggested for you to use lubriderm right away for your after care. This is usually something suggested to use one the scabbing starts but you should use a diffrent ointment that can lubricate the area better for the first few days (such as A&D, TattooGOO, TattWax, etc. Not only do I simply suggest A&D or Bacitracin but I do so from TONS of personal experience and compared results from other ointments. Bacitracin is always first recommendation but A&D is a close second. Just be sure to use very small amounts.

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